SALAR Media Group | Cannabis Public Relations
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Cannabis Public Relations

Cannabis Industry Expertise

Cannabis as a business has been politically and socially stigmatized since the turn of the 19th century. Federal laws of the United States of America have prohibited research into the scientific and pharmaceutical applications of the plant even though medical research in other nations has shown that cannabinoids have positive properties that benefit patient health. As an indication of emerging popular opinions, however, cannabis has become increasingly decriminalized and even legalized in states throughout the country. These success stories are the result of a combination of changes in perception and demographic, with more focus on the medicinal benefits of cannabis and less stereotyping of the individual user. Cannabis public relations and marketing efforts have acted in tandem with the catalyst efforts that have altered overall perception.

At Salar Media Group, we believe the cannabis industry is in the evolutionary process of becoming a legitimate, innovative, regulated, responsible and tax-paying force in the communities and states where it operates. Cannabis and hemp represent a transformation industry and one which will be unique in the history of U.S. commerce. Unlike liquor and tobacco, it is a business which has little or no scientifically proven negative effects on health. In addition, cannabis is not allowed to be legally researched as it is still federally prohibited. In the ongoing grassroots effort to broaden awareness on the safe properties and practical applications of the plant, an industry has emerged which is creative, verdant, localized, newsworthy and profitable. It is an industry that incorporates socially responsible business practices and is able to meet the demands of its various audiences ranging from patients to employees, investors and local communities.

Salar Media Group incorporates the unique history that exists in the traditional and established cannabis culture into the communications programs developed to meet the needs of all of our industry clients. Set apart from other firms by our unparalleled access to the industry’s top experts and regular communication with its leaders, combined with our knowledge of how the cannabis industry’s key attributes work, we are able to create imaginative, effective communications campaigns that have an impact on every key audience with merit to the emerging cannabis industry.